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Last updated: 2017/06/28

I've recently been intrigued by fractals and so I wrote a C program which uses Xlib and libcairo to generate (for now only Julia Set) fractals on the screen and then write to disk in an unique file (later on I started using SDL2 because the former is too slow). I'll just say Lode's Computer Graphics Tutorial is absolutely amazing and is the source of the maths in my program (he wrote his own wrapper for the SDL C++ API but I have something of an allergy to C++ and I prefer being able to say 'I did this'; I've only taken the maths behind it; everything else is original and in C but I want to give credit where credit is due and it also gets the tutorial out to potentially more people).

Recently (the week of 20 June to 26 June of 2017) I implemented something of a script system for the fractal colour effects. I don't yet have any here but when I do it'll not only have a '.txt' file (which has the parameters) it will also have an accompanying '.sh' file which has the 'rules'. Whilst the program I wrote understands this it might not make sense to anyone else at least in full; some of it is intuitive and some not: but the idea in any case is you can swap red/green/blue, change the hue, saturation, lightness, darkness, you can set red/green/blue directly, you can change it by X amount and so on. It allows for some quite interesting effects. I haven't a clue as far as when I'll put these up though; this update here and my main website is a spur of the moment and extremely rare as I hate web design in general.

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