Apple provides photographic evidence of their own ineptitude and unfaithfulness to AppleCare

Introduction to the problem

My first generation iPad Pro was a 64GB capacity iPad and it was very full. Every time there was an iPadOS update I had a hell of a time updating because of lack of storage space. So I decided to finally get a new one even though I hate FaceID.

So I got the 256GB one. All seemed fine except transferring music over screwed up after I erased the old one to send back (even though the music was there before) and there were some songs I had that were only on the iPad and I didn't feel like restoring it again from a backup.

The trade-in box arrives

So the trade-in programme box arrived so I packaged the iPad up and posted it. Everything was fine. Or so I thought. This is where the story begins!

Email from Apple telling me that my iPad was damaged (a totally bogus claim)

I was surprised that they wrote the following and revised my estimate trade-in value of 85 to 0:

LCD display burn in damage/streaks/discolouration across the screen

I was still waking up and I clicked on 'accept' without realising that they would send it back if I clicked on reject. It was locked in place. There is no option to change your mind. Nothing on the website. The issue is closed. But it turns out that they don't honour a change in mind anyway. I immediately called them and was going to have them send it back. But I thought maybe I can appeal. It was at this point I found out the idiots had pictures! It was a real shock when I finally got them.

Apple auditor is a bloody idiot who doesn't know the basic rules of photography

Or put another way: Apple is totally incompetent in hiring people who know even the basic concepts of photography. A five year old can figure out why it's a bad idea to have flash on reflective surfaces but that's exactly what the moron did anyway! If you look at the two pictures in the same place you'll notice that one has an artefact and the other does not. Obviously that's not damage on the iPad but brain damage stupidity on the part of the auditor. It proves nothing:

Anyone with half a use of a synapse can tell that the problem is the photo and not the iPad. But it's better than that!

I only use it for music!

So if I only have the iPad for music how the hell do they think that the screen can be damaged? That would be an indication that they have a quality control problem wouldn't it? You know, kind of like their cables:

The worst of it? It's not the only cable I've had to replace with more money wasted. I've had other cables rip apart. And if you notice the yellowness that's not because of me. That's the problem with the cable itself. Another one had a sticky residue after breaking open. The only kinds of cable I've ever had this happen with is from Apple. This is yet another example of quality control problems which makes it more ironic and hypocritical of them to refuse to give me money - besides the fact that it was blatant incompetence on their part. But it gets even better!

I have AppleCare!

I have AppleCare. This means they will fix damage for free. So if they were so sure that there was screen damage why didn't they fix the bloody thing and give me my money back? Money that I needed as I just had to pay thousands for my dog to have specialised surgery. But no. The idiots decided to just toss it like rubbish rather than fixing it.

Someone who could use an iPad but can't afford a new one could have used it

But instead the insolent bastards just threw it out. What a waste to the environment and what a waste to someone who might have got some joy out of it. I requested that they send it back. They refused. They just got rid of it. They didn't care to do the right thing. I called more than once the first time immediately after. I gave reason that they should reconsider their decision including what the photos show!

Even the guy I spoke to on the phone thought it was bogus based on the photos!

What an absolute embarrassment. Their own person who is in sales could tell that the problem was the person doesn't know a very very ELEMENTARY photography rule.

How many other people have been cheated?

I just thought of this but how many other people have been cheated out of money by Apple because of their hiring a fucking moron? How many other iPads, iPhones and other Apple devices are in the landfill because of their ineptitude? This is not okay and it's a bloody disgrace. Let's be honest: it's a known fact that although recycling is important there are many things that are supposed to be recycled but aren't. As well some things are thought to be recyclable but it turns out they're not and thus fill the land with crap. Or the seas. Or other bodies of water. Or who knows what else. So one might say that Apple is also contributing to waste. Kind of ironic if they're for the environment isn't it?

Ironically Apple prides itself in its classes on how to take good photographs

In their 'Apple Stores' they teach classes how to take good photographs. Why didn't they send the people that are evaluating the condition of devices for a trade-in to these classes? Or maybe they did and that's why they think it's okay? Maybe their classes are rubbish? And yes it's certain that they used an Apple device for these pictures. How do I know that?

Quite simple actually. It's because if you zoom in on the photo that has the Settings app open you can see there are a couple pictures. Those certainly are not mine: I wiped the iPad and I have almost 7k videos and over 214k photos. I think it's safe to say that they used an Apple device. Did the little arsehole decide to keep it for themselves and that's why they reported it's bad - did they deliberately take rubbish photos? I don't know but one could be forgiven for believing it!


All my friends I showed laughed at the pictures. They could see how ridiculous it is. It's utterly bogus and absolute rubbish. Apple should be embarrassed to the highest degree but they're not.

But in conclusion we can say the following about Apple and their trade-in programme, at least at this time:

The best I can say at this time is at least the new iPad is great and I can have music on it without having to worry about updates. Also their MacBook Pros are great and in general their iPhones are great. On the other hand their cables are shit.