Unsolicited 'Technical Support' Telephone call, 2015/01/20.

Another one 'bytes' the dust. This one was less interesting because I was currently offline (only returned to computer short bit prior and the cat had loosened the cable and I didn't know it then) and I was fairly distracted too. Still, I was able to get myself to not hang up on him and rather waste his time. So while this won't be so amusing as it could be (definitely I've had far more amusing instances), it is something. I should say rather, the actual conversation itself was not all that amusing: I let him continue while subtly suggesting I was following him (actually I was only barely understanding his gibberish - it was just enough to get the gist of it all). Of course I was giving that suggestion because I was wasting his time (as is deserved). My commentary below, however, might be fairly amusing (depending on your type of humour, of course). So here is how it went:

Perhaps next time I should be prepared by having a Dvorak keyboard? Then I could REALLY throw them off!