Unsolicited 'Technical Support' Telephone call, 2015/09/21.

Yet another moron trying to fool me; regrettably, this one was quite quick and that is a problem because the little shit can move on to another person who might be susceptible to his bullshit. So around 11:50 to 11:51 PST (DST so GMT - 7) this fool calls and with his typical hard to understand accent, tells me he's from Windows Support Centre (or whatever the hell he said). I was amused that he was attempting to manipulate me but outraged (as always) because I know he's manipulating others - including the elderly, the fucking jerk. He tells me my computer is directly sending signals (or whatever wording he used) to their centre and it was along the lines of my computer could suddenly stop working. So it was a short conversation but it went something like this: