Unsolicited 'Technical Support' Telephone call, 2016/10/31.

At approximately 12:25 PST on 2016/10/31 I got a phone call from yet another would-be-scammer trying to convince me my Windows security service was failing and that malware was being downloaded. And why wouldn't it be anything but that? After all I don't use Windows so if I have a Windows security service it most certainly must be broken, right? Indeed. But of course this loser didn't know that so I decided to play along like I thought of another time: rather than say flat out I don't have a 'Windows key' I pretended I did and 'followed' his steps. Upon this 'not working' he had me click on the 'start button' (which incidentally I don't have, either); this is where I fell: I told him I didn't see a search box at the bottom (I should have agreed there was but mine is at the top and would have gladly continued the entertaining call but he decided I was fooling him although he didn't admit to it as such and he incorrectly believed I wasn't at my computer).