Unsolicited 'Technical Support' Telephone call, 2016/11/20.

This one I was surprised to get because of the hour; it was roughly 21:00 which I thought rather late for a call esp for a Sunday (which interestingly enough is followed by Monday and very often Mondays are work days). But I guess I'm not surprised either: these vermin are desperate for money and don't really care who they hurt. In any case I don't remember what he called himself but it was obvious he wanted to help 'fix' my non-existent Windows computer. Of course I don't have a Windows computer so I only partially lied. But I feel no guilt whatsoever nor should I (if anyone should feel guilt it is the parasite who called me though I know he most likely never will).

Of course I was actually chatting with my beloved via my computer at the time but what's the harm in telling these people I don't have a computer and I don't even know what they are? The result is the same: their time is wasted (as it should be) and I won't be a victim in any case. To those who claim otherwise this is more proof that with all bad comes good just as much as all good comes with bad (the two cannot exist independently): he could have easily hung up and tried for another victim immediately yet here he decided to be friendly (even if out of being baffled at my claim) and continued the conversation. The reason you can't find good in something is you refuse to accept the possibility or you don't know where to look (and the bad might hide the little - or however much - good they have very well).