Spam is a nuisance to system (network included) resources as well as human resources. But unfortunately it will never go away; you even get this in post, phone calls and strangers out in public: unsolicited crap is here for as long as humans are alive (in which case this is irrelevant). As long as one person responds to them (or there is a chance at least one person will react (!!) to their gain) it isn't going anywhere; when one spam network is shutdown another will come up and very possibly it will be even uglier. You should never ever respond to spam and you should realistically never open it; but if you know what you are doing you can open it (as long as you never ever have an email client that for example automatically opens or executes attachments and as long as there's no flaw being exploited that causes it anyway, that is).

All spam matches the above. But some spam is also worth shaming. Here lies a list of some spam worth shaming. Note that in some cases I will include their address and other cases not; doing some queries I can get a pretty good idea of if the mail from was spoofed or manipulated in some way. In the case it seems spoofed I will not include their email; in all other cases I have no problem with including their email address: if they have no problem giving it out to anyone and everyone (which funnily enough includes 'me') then they have no problem with it being out there. They have no respect for others so why should anyone go out of their way to respect them? They shouldn't and so I won't.

Tip: If you wish to have a suspicious file or URL analysed you can go to to have it checked by many anti-malware scanners. Please remember that there are both false-negatives and false-positives but a false-positive is better than a false-negative!!