As of 2017/06/24 there are six incidents (the last one occurring on 2017/06/24) I have documented; these aren't too common as I don't pick the phone up much these days. But nonetheless whenever I take such a call I will document them as long as I am able to.

Nevertheless, you might consider these a good read if you enjoy wasting the time of these type of people (or enjoy wasting others time full stop, something which I can can indeed see amusement in although not so amusing enough to me as to actually do it but when it comes to frauds they have it coming to them and deserve it 100%). There are several things these could be titled and whilst many would work well, I think the fact they honoured me with the accusation of wasting their time (and being smarter than them though in their cases it isn't much of an accomplishment, I admit) and simultaneously showing their daftness it seems the most appropriate titles actually demonstrate this (the first title is something I actually said to the scammer but he stupidly ignored to his chagrin while the remaining are specific things the supposed tech support - who out of the goodness of their heart call to help those in 'need' said at some point in the call).

The following attempts to scam me went very wrong for the worthless parasites who in an act of extreme cowardice demonstrate just how much they have failed at life and decide then to prey on the vulnerable for easy money without shame: